Website DesignWebsite Design

Have you ever gone onto a slow and unresponsive website? I’m sure you have. We all have, it is one of the most frustrating experiences that any person can have.

This is why Digitist creates fast and responsive websites. Digitist use WordPress to design our sites.

We also do not hide the design process from you, we will talk through exactly what you require and how you aim to achieve it. Do you want an online shop? We can do that. Are you looking to design a portfolio website for your makeup or photography business, consider it covered. Digitist aims to service a market. A market that is currently unserviced for #smallbusiness.

Along with designing your website, we will SEO optimize it for you, so you will hit the ground running and such start working on generating the business you want.

Do you have a current website and want it to be updated? Digitist will help you revamp it in your desired image.

We quote websites on a per page basis. So if you want a single page website, it will cost less. However, as your need for a more interactive and larger website. We can revisit and add more pages as your need arises. That is what is great about #smallbusiness, we can adapt to your needs.

So for great website design, contact us today!

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Website HostingWebsite Hosting

Hosting a website is simple when using Digitist. We want to give you a cost effective option for your website to be maintained on a server that is hosted in South Africa and guarantees a 99% uptime. We have no set price structure.

Our prices are based on our customers needs. Therefore there are no charges that are unnecessary or something that you don’t need, together we come up for a plan that helps you.

So to have your website hosted on a rock solid server, get in contact with us.

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