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This has been around forever, the reason. It works, it is a direct and effective way of connecting with your leads, nurturing them, and turning them into customers. In other words Email marketing is a valuable source for your business. There are billions of emails sent per day around the world. People (and customers) are checking there emails at least once per day and if they are checking emails. Then they could be reading your email. Direct contact straight to your customer or client, that is what every business wants.

  1. Digitist customizes your email forms using tools that produce quality looking emails.
  2. We develop a email marketing strategy that works for your #smallbusiness
  3. We use tracking to find out which customers clicked on your emails. The bounce rates and unopened rates and report these back to you.

Our reports back to you are not filled with technical data and unnecessary bloat. They are to the point giving you the information you require. We provide you with our recommendations and solutions to any issues.



3 reasons why you should make email marketing a priority for your business.

  1. Email is the number one communication channel
  2. We use your own mailing list.
  3. Emails lead to the best conversions.

As we said above people check their emails at least once per day. Which means they are communicating all the times through here. With this communication it will lead to better click rates on your ads and those clicks can lead to sales.

Digitist subscribes to correct mailing practices, so we do not buy mailing lists, we grow your mailing through your website organically. How do we do this? Well contact us and we can tell you how.

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