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Digitist business is digital marketing, we want to make your brand and company stand out from the competition. Together with you, we use multiple digital strategies to outline what your company needs are. However you may have a few questions such as:

Why should I get it? Does advertising online work? Who sees my ads online?

To answer these questions, we must first look at what digital marketing is.

As a definition digital marketing isĀ  – ” the marketing of products or services using digital. Mainly on the Internet, but also including cellphones, display advertising,and any other digital device. “ -Wikipedia

Let’s put that into our words.

Digital marketing is marketing however it is not a traditional form of marketing. This is the new era of marketing, where you are able to target your audience and puts you in the same places as your potential clients. Therefore this is helpful for your business as YOU are able to find out what YOUR future customers want and receive feedback from current and past customers. This is done using a number of different services, which you can see by clicking the pictures at the bottom of the page.

Internet Marketing

Now lets answer those questions:

Why should I get it?

As you will be able to communicate at all times with your clients. This puts you in a great position over your competition. Customers want feedback now not later, and being able to answer them puts you a step ahead.

Does advertising online work?

Well yes, Digitist is the company that will come up with a working digital strategy in order to make your company stand out from a cluttered crowd and put you ahead.

Who sees my ads online?

The people who you want to see your ads. Digital marketing allows you to target your audience so that that your conversion rate will be higher and you are not wasting unnecessary money on marketing that doesn’t work.


To look at our digital services click on the pictures below:

Digital Marketing_Social Media
Social Media
Digital Marketing_Email Marketing
Email Marketing
Digital Marketing_Search engine optimization
Search Engine Optimization
Digital Marketing_Search_Engine_Marketing
Search Engine Marketing


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