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A family owned business based in Durban, South Africa. We have been established with the goal of helping the “little man”. If you are a small to medium business that thinks that Digital marketing is too expensive. Or that the “bigger” agencies charge too much, then fear not,we are for you. Our prices are not outrageous or even out of reach. We tailor to our customers needs and help them move in the right direction.

Online marketing is not out of reach for anyone. We will help you with that!

Our goal is for our customers to be part of the digital revolution, Social media, SEO (search engine optimization), or you want Digitist to handle all of your digital needs. We want you to become part of our business family. As a result we provide you, our client with the care that you require as a small business.

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We know small business because we are #smallbusiness.

From creating lavish websites, working on your digital SEO strategy, to a simple logo design, we want to craft a personalized digital experience for you. Something that you will be proud of to show and to market. We not only help you but help your customers get to you faster than before.

Digitist knows what it takes to compete in the digital market. With the ever changing environment of digital marketing it means we have to stay on top of game. Knowing and following the trends is what we are good at, which helps you stay on top.

Your opinion of us matters and we want you as our client to speak about us and with us.  So join us today and experience the service that comes with dealing with a business that cares for you like you care for your business.

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