Why it started


Digitist is the formation of me wanting to start a revolution. I have always been interested in anything Digital. From a young age, I was building computers and playing games, not online because it was available or I just didn’t know. However LAN parties with friends, bring it on.

Growing up, that interested has taken me into the digital space. My passion is teaching, so I want to help teach people about digital marketing and social media in a way that helps them understand how to market their business in todays day and age.

I know there are plenty of agencies out there. From my view and experience dealing with them and what I heard is that they are too overpriced. Not everyone is able to afford the prices that they charge, especially in South Africa’s economy. With Digitist, I aim to bridge that gap between the large Marketing agencies and the small or medium business. By doing this, I hope to use the companies I work with and help them work together. Is their potential to grow this into something better, definitely. However I want to be personalized and provide that special service that others cannot. Listening and keeping your word, are values that were instilled in me. I aim to do that with Digitist.

How I will stand out

I will not proclaim to be a Digital marketing god, but i will say that I will work harder for you than any other digital agency, I set aside hours of my day to continued learning. This helps me understand my market and know how to improve. If there is something I don’t know, I will learn it and then present it back in a way that actually makes sense. Your company shouldn’t be look through pages of analytics and trying to determine everything. That is what I and my company are for. The digital marketing market in South Africa needs a change. We are not the same as other countries in the world. The worldwide strategies do not give the best performance. We need something better, that is where Digitist will be.

Digitist is about to start a digital revolution for #smallbusiness. Do you want to be a part of it?


Digitist: Why it started
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